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         I believe that there is no substitute for diligence and expertise in financial analysis during divorce proceedings. Without the knowledge obtained from an in-depth examination of the finances, many divorces are finalized without a complete understanding of the financial picture, leaving both parties in the dark about how the details will unfold and increasing the likelihood of costly and emotional post-divorce conflict.

        Throughout the divorce process, I make sure that every piece of the financial picture is completely understood and fully represented. I firmly believe that every client and attorney must have this level of clarity in order to make fully informed financial decisions and intelligently evaluate trade-offs. Among other services, I provide an in-depth analysis of your finances, help complete your financial affidavit, prepare child support guidelines, analyze proposed settlements, enumerate and quantify sophisticated assets, and prepare a post-divorce budget. In addition, and when necessary, I will design and build custom models to address the specific complexities and questions of your case.


         Although divorce is an incredibly emotional event, it is also a business deal. It often creates tremendous stress and confusion. I analyze and explain things in a way that provides the information and support you need to make sound decisions.​ As a team you, your attorney and I will help you see and transition into your post-divorce life with a sense of security and control.

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