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Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts

Tory is certified by The Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts. For more information on the certification process and additional divorce related resources go to:

Family Law Software.png

Family Law Software


Tory is a subscriber to Family Law Software and has used it throughout her career as a certified divorce financial analyst. Family Law Software is by far the leading program designed specifically for divorce professionals nationwide and is an incredibly powerful tool. But like all software programs its power depends on educated and meticulous users. This software is built specifically for divorce professionals and includes helpful tools and platforms for creating and calculating  financial affidavits, child and spousal support, defined benefit pension valuation, property division, negotiation tools, and financial planning. For more information go to:

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The Life Solution Center of Darien

Tory is a member of The Life Solution Center of Darien which is a consortium of professionals striving to provide clients with a broad array of services so they can have a fulfilling, healthy life and manage difficult life transitions (such as divorce). For  information  about The Life Solution Center of Darien go to:

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