Tory offers clients and their attorneys support before, during and after their divorce to provide financial insights throughout all stages of the process.

Gather and Prepare Financial Information

  • Prepare financial affidavits.

  • Prepare child support guidelines.

  • Understand current expenses and pre-divorce budgets.

  • Compare pre and post pandemic expenses.

  • Complete a detailed review of all financial materials (on both sides) to ensure no piece of the financial pie is overlooked or mis-represented, including:

    • Analyzing opposing side’s financial affidavit.

    • Reviewing tax returns.

    • Reviewing business books of self-employed.

    • Tracing flow of funds between financial accounts for unusual activity.

    • Summarizing option and/or stock awards to understand vesting, transferability as well as possible tax considerations.

    • Other custom analyses and/or models as needed.

Analyze Contemplated Settlement Agreements


  • Evaluate trade-offs of potential settlements given certain assumptions.

  • Provide insight on how to structure settlement agreements to minimize conflict post-divorce.

  • Create a post-divorce budget.

  • Calculate Alimony Buyout amounts given certain assumptions.

  • Calculate Set Aside Amounts to cover expected expenses (e.g. dollar amount to set aside for certain expected children’s expenses).


After Divorce ("Post-Judgment")

  • Conduct an Alimony True-up to determine if the correct amount of alimony was paid.

  • Conduct an Expense True-up to determine if each party paid their share of agreed upon expenses.

  • Conduct an Asset True-up to determine if the correct amount of assets (e.g. options/stock awards) were paid out as per the separation agreement.

  • Calculate Child Support Arrearage.